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Central Florida Wedding Packages

The Whole Package

Our bespoke Central Florida wedding packages enhance the splendor of the moment. Select from our collection of stunning indoor and outdoor venues, each ready to host celebrations of any scale. Savor the sophistication of our exquisite catering selections, from lavish gourmet buffets to refined plated dinners.

Explore Wedding Packages
a table setting with plates and flowers

Wedding Package

This basic package features seating, a choice of hydration stations, weather-proof indoor space, and full setup and breakdown services. It includes:

  • Ceremony Location and Time
  • Logistics
  • White Padded Folding Chairs
  • Water Station with Regular and Infused Water or Lemonade
  • Indoor Wedding Ceremony Space as Weather Back-Up
  • Setup and Breakdown
a courtyard with tables and chairs

Reception/Dinner Package

This Reception/Dinner Package features butler-passed hors d'oeuvres, dining choices, a beverage station, celebratory elements, venue essentials, and exclusive wedding inclusions tailored for an unforgettable celebration.

Wedding Tips & Tricks
Do you allow outside catering?

All food and beverage services must be arranged exclusively through the culinary team at Mission Resort + Club. We welcome outside vendors to supply the wedding cake or dessert table for your special day. Additionally, special accommodations can be made for specific dietary requirements, including Kosher, Halal, and other cultural catering needs.

When is the guest count due?

We suggest a RSVP due date to be set 30 days before the wedding date. We will work closely with the client from that point forward to continue to update your guest count and solidify all details. Final guest count is requested 10 business days before the wedding.

When can I meet with my Catering Manager to go over the details?

This crucial meeting is scheduled by the Catering Sales Manager three to four months before your wedding. It's designed to set the stage for your special day, covering key aspects such as:

  • Event schedule
  • Setup details for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception
  • Menu selections

Following this meeting, the Catering Sales Manager will provide you with essential planning documents, including:

  • Banquet Event Order (BEO)
  • Banquet Check
  • Event Layout Diagram

These documents form the foundational blueprint of your event. We will fine-tune the details from there, ensuring everything is perfect for your big day.

What is permitted in the Get Ready Room?

You can enjoy food and beverages provided exclusively by Mission Resort + Club in the Get Ready Rooms. Please note that bringing in outside food or drinks will incur a $500 cleanup fee per room.

Can I bring in any kind of décor?

To ensure the beauty and safety of our venue, we request that décor exclude indoor sparklers, confetti, loose glitter, rice, and unenclosed tapered candles. Open flames are welcome when contained within a glass vase. Please note that non-compliance with these guidelines will result in a cleanup/damage fee.

Who handles the setup and breakdown of the event?

Clients are responsible for the setup and breakdown of their décor. Our Catering Sales Manager may provide limited assistance with setup, subject to prior arrangement. Please note that Mission Resort + Club is not responsible for the overall event setup and breakdown, nor are we liable for any items that are lost or damaged during these processes.

What's included in my contract?

The contract encompasses the exclusive use of the event space, rental time frame, date, food and beverage minimums, and space rental fees. It will specify an estimated guest count; however, you are not obligated to meet this number. Your responsibility is limited to covering the food and beverage minimums. The committed use of meeting and banquet spaces is restricted to the hours specified in the Banquet Event Order. Additionally, the resort reserves the right to make reasonable substitutions in the allocated spaces, and the group agrees to accept such substitutions as necessary.

What is your pet policy?

Mission Resort + Club welcomes pets. We charge a non-refundable fee of $100 plus taxes for dogs up to 50 lbs. Please note that our pet-friendly rooms are limited, so we require advance notice if you plan to bring your pet.

Do you charge for welcome bags?

Welcome bags provided by the couple may be handed out at check-in by our Front Desk agents at $5 + tax per bag, or delivered by our Bellmen at $6 + per bag.

Can I mix and match locations?

Mission Resort + Club has three distinct venue options for your wedding day, each with a designated ceremony, cocktail, and reception location. Since the resort is spread over 1,100 acres, locations cannot be mixed and matched. In addition, we have numerous locations on the property for your rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch.

Can the price be adjusted for children and vendor meals?

We kindly request that clients track the number of guests under 12 attending so we can adjust the package price for the food component if a plated dinner is chosen. We offer an optional children’s plated meal featuring chicken tenders, fries, and fruit at $40.00 per child, plus service charge and tax. Vendor meals are also available at $40.00 per vendor, plus service charge and tax.

What is the deposit and payment schedule?

An initial deposit is required at the time of contract signing. An additional 25% deposit is due three months after signing. The remaining balance must be settled 30 days prior to the wedding. Any further charges incurred will be due in the week leading up to the wedding.

What’s the backup plan?

The reception space may be used as your ceremony backup if necessary, though this is rare.

How long do I have the space?

We reserve the ceremony for one hour to accommodate 30 minutes of guest arrival and a 30-minute ceremony. Cocktail hour is for one hour and wedding reception space is held for 4 hours. Additional hours may be added at $500 + service charge and tax/ per hour and does not include a charge for the vendor’s additional hours or bar.

What is your vendor policy?

At Mission Resort + Club, we encourage you to select vendors that best meet your needs and preferences. Please be advised that all vendors operating on our property must possess valid business licenses and carry insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability coverage.

Do you have minimums?

Food and beverage minimums are set for all weddings, depending on the guest count. All pre-planned food and beverage expenses billed to the primary account will count toward these minimums. Should the actual spending fall short of the agreed minimum, the client will be required to pay the difference from the contracted amount.

Am I required to have a wedding planner?

While a wedding planner is not required, Mission Resort + Club strongly recommends engaging a professional wedding planner for at least day-of coordination. All wedding packages include the services of a catering manager to assist with your event needs.

Your Wedding Manager & Planner
What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect from your Wedding Manager:

  • Your primary contact at Mission Resort + Club is handling the details of your wedding weekend.
  • Recommendations for special-event professionals to assist with wedding planning, entertainment, floral decor, photography, invitations, and more.
  • Acting as a menu consultant for all food and beverage selections.
  • Arranging and attending your menu tasting.
  • Detailing your banquet event order, outlining all specifics of your event, and ensuring flawless communication with the venue's operational team.
  • Creating an estimate of charges to outline your financial commitment to the venue.
  • Designing a floor plan of your function space to assist with seating arrangements.
  • Coordinating your room block with our Wedding Sales team and overseeing the wedding-ready room.
  • Overseeing the setup of ceremony and reception rooms, food preparation, and other venue operations included in the contracted package.
  • Serving as the on-site liaison between your wedding group and the venue's operations staff.
  • Setting up essential wedding elements such as the guestbook, card box, ceremony programs, escort cards, favors, table numbers, cake-cutting utensils, and toasting flutes.
  • Ensuring a seamless transition to the venue’s banquet captain once dinner service begins.
  • Reviewing your banquet checks for accuracy before the completion of the final bill
Your Wedding Planner

Here is what you can expect from your Wedding Planner:

  • A wedding planner is required for a minimum of one day of coordination. Also, ensure your Wedding Manager approves your planner before booking.
  • Creation and management of your wedding budget.
  • Assistance with etiquette and protocol for invitations, family matters, ceremonies, and toasts.
  • Creation of a comprehensive timeline for your rehearsal and wedding day, including getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception.
  • Assistance in finding the perfect professionals for your wedding based on style and budget.
  • Conducting the rehearsal and reviewing the itinerary with all family members and the wedding party.
  • Confirmation of all vendors and coordination of timelines and details to ensure all parties know what to expect on the wedding day.
  • Acting as the liaison between your family, wedding party, band/DJ, florist, photographer, videographer, and other vendors to create a seamless operation.
  • Assistance with dressing for the bride and wedding party.
  • Ensuring that the wedding party has their corsages and bouquets, etc., and assisting with the pinning of boutonnieres.
  • Setting up all wedding decor elements the couple wants displayed.
  • Coordinating the rehearsal and ceremony (lining up the wedding party, assisting the bride with her dress, etc.).
  • Coordinating the reception (grand entrance, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc.).
  • Collecting all gifts and decor and delivering them to the appropriate location at night's end.
  • Creating a vendor payment schedule (must use Mission Resort + Club Preferred Vendor).
  • Reviewing catering contracts to ensure all your requests are communicated to the Wedding Manager.
a table with desserts and flowers

Wedding Catering

Mission Resort + Club transforms wedding catering into a masterpiece. Our skilled chefs excel in creating bespoke menus that blend local culinary heritage with international tastes. Whether you dream of an elegant plated dinner, a lavish buffet, or creative food stations, we tailor every offering to align with your tastes. Each bite, from the first flavorful appetizer to the decadent dessert finale, is crafted to enchant and amaze.

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